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July, 2014

16 Jul

Visit from Principal Chief

NCCAT was honored to have some special visitors Tuesday. Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Michell Hicks dropped by NCCAT to speak with teachers participating in the Summer Institute for School Teachers event “Beyond the Trail of Tears: A View from the Cherokee Homeland.” Joyce Dugan, former Principal Chief and current member of the NCCAT Development Foundation Board of Directors, also visited. We appreciate both Principal Chief Hicks and Joyce Dugan being with us.

18 Jul

Edutopia: Do you need a digital teaching portfolio?

Do you have a digital teaching portfolio? A recent Edutopia blog post talks about the benefits of having one:

"There are several reasons to start building a portfolio:

- You’re looking for a new job. A media-rich teaching portfolio will give employers a deeper insight into your teaching practices while signaling that you're a 21st century teacher. Having a teaching portfolio can be a decisive element at the interview stage of the hiring process (Mosely, 2005).

21 Jul

Kenan Fellows Begin Year of Learning Beyond the Classroom at NCCAT

We were excited to recently host the 2014-15 Kenan Fellows. According to a news release from the Kenan Fellows, "The five-day institute included a variety of sessions focused on instructional technology, citizen science, community engagement, and other topics that prepare them to share their new knowledge with their students and peers." Click here to read more on the group and what they did while they were at NCCAT. Thank you to the Kenan Fellows and good luck this year!

23 Jul

Southeast Data Literacy Conference in September at NCCAT

In partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, NCCAT will host the Southeast Data Literacy Conference Sept. 5-7 in Cullowhee. This event is open to teachers who have participated in the NCCAT Data Literacy Program and who have achieved certified status. Teacher participants from the two-year program will formatively assess the effects and plan for future directions of the program. For more information about this program and how to register, please contact Paul Cancellieri at

24 Jul

Digital tools to help teach early grades literacy

Looking for digital tools to help teach early grades literacy? Jayme Linton, who is presenting this week at the NCCAT program “Building a Strong Literacy Foundation in Early Grades” in Ocracoke, can help.

Click here for digital tools to help with early grades literacy.

28 Jul

Just Google It: Featuring Google Forms

Google tools can be extremely valuable for today’s educators. Mike Shumake, aka Shu in ed circles, is an Education Technology Expert and Edtech leader from Raleigh. He led this week’s program “Integrating Digital Learning into the Curriculum,” in Cullowhee.

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