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10 Mar

Person County schools work on MTSS at NCCAT

We were honored to have Dr. Wendy Staskiewicz and a team from Person County Schools with us recently at NCCAT. Here is what Dr. Staskiewicz wrote us about the time in Cullowhee.

08 Mar

Great opportunity from Centropa Summer Academy

Wonderful opportunity this summer with Centropa Summer Academy!

07 Mar

NCCAT can help teachers improve literacy skills of exceptional sutdents

We hope you will join us for this program ...

14387 - Using Assistive Technology Tools and Digital Resources To Improve The Literacy Skills of Exceptional Students/Ocracoke

06 Mar

NCCAT can help teachers catch up with their students on digital learning

We hope you will join us for this opportunity ...

CULLOWHEE—Teachers will acquire new skills for incorporating digital learning into their classroom during the professional development program “Catching Up With Your Students: Digital Learning” April 24–27 in Cullowhee.

28 Feb

NCCAT activity used in Lincoln County Schools

Thanks you to NCCAT alum and West Lincoln High School teacher Stephanie McCabe for sharing photos of her sophomores using Quiz-Quiz-Trade activity taught by Dr. Deb Teitelbaum at NCCAT. Great job Stephanie!

27 Feb

NCCAT works in Rockingham County Schools

NCCAT faculty member Elizabeth Joyce worked with these teachers at Moss Street Elementary in Rockingham County Schools in a Reading for Meaning:Role of Questioning session on Feb. 14.

23 Feb

NCCAT Canvas progams

Happy Digital Learning Day! Every day is Digital Learning Day at NCCAT. And one of the key parts of that is Canvas Training which is taught by a certified Canvas trainer Elizabeth Joyce.

23 Feb

Monthly Tool Talk - TweenTribune

TweenTribune is a free, not-for-profit online newspaper for students, aged 8–15.

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