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10 Oct

Robotics coaches - NCCAT can help!

Join us for 14597 - Lego Robotics: A Quick-Start Program for New Robotics Coaches in Cullowhee

06 Oct

Teaching English II group in Cullowhee

Teachers from across North Carolina joined us this week for "Teaching English II: Enrich The Minds And The Scores Will Follow" to consider the “big picture” issues that English II should address. They also engaged in a variety of activities intended to enhance students’ reading, writing, and thinking skills.

02 Oct

Buncombe County teacher shares about NCCAT experience

Valley Springs Middle School teacher Catherine Belair found the “gift of time” very valuable during her experience with the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

28 Sep

Abby Covington receives the Kirk Scholarship

We appreciate our friends at Rowan-Sailsbury Schools sharing this great news with us! Congratulations to Abby Covington. We look forward to you joining us!

27 Sep

Wilson County teacher receives NCCAT scholarship

Congratulations to Christopher Beneck an Instructional Technology Facilitator at Hunt High School in the 

26 Sep

Science Lab Challenge Competition open

The annual Shell Science Lab Challenge Competition recognizes exceptional and innovative science educators created in 2010, to recognize outstanding middle and high school programs for their exemplary approaches to science lab instruction utilizing limited school and laboratory resources, and raise awareness and exposure of the o

18 Sep

Coming to NCCAT - Reaching Reluctant Readers: Bringing Boys To Books

We hope you will consider joining us for this program at NCCAT ....

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