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Registrar/Coordinator of Teacher Services

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Position Number: 
Opening Date: 
Thursday, May 7, 2020
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, May 20, 2020



Seeks permanent Part-time


Position #65009121




The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is seeking applicants for a Registrar/Coordinator of Teacher Services for our NCCAT Location. The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT) is responsible for providing high quality professional learning through residential, regional, school-based, and online programming for North Carolina school teachers.  

Description of Work.

Maintain data integrity for Teacher Services database. Complete updates and correct errors in a timely manner. Analyze and anticipate data and information requirements for Teacher Services. Determine Teacher Services computer hardware and software needs. Train database users. Collaborate with other Teacher Services employees on parameters to include when querying data. Establish code for information and data input. Chart database structure and processes and assist programmer in database implementation. Train administrative support and other NCCAT staff on residential, online, and off-site program numbers analysis and interpretation. Provide scaffolded support and training for NCCAT employees, differentiated based on individual employee needs and background knowledge in database capability and use.  


Utilizing the Teacher Services database system, plan and execute all phases of registering and placement of teachers in programs. Assist in recruiting participants for programs. Efforts include, running queries for NCCAT's Recruiting Team, emailing teachers for applications not yet submitted, and creating participant messages. Oversee registration for NCCAT programs which includes processing applications, creating records, updating the database, processing placement and wait list letters, responding to registrar contacts. 


Determine, anticipate and gather data from registration database for needed data compilation and statistical reports. Maintain and administer NCCAT statistical library. Query data for information to provide to the Executive Director, directors and colleagues at their request. Compute and tabulate data for the NCCAT annual reports, the NCCAT Board of Trustees and additional as needed. Compute and analyze data to assist faculty in determining feasibility of programs and registration processes. Develop multiple reporting methods and statistical analyses to ensure stakeholders are fully aware of whom NCCAT is serving and how to continue to survey the level of awareness about NCCAT and its services and resources.


Service Orientation and Public Contact

Maintain and exhibit a professional, services-oriented demeanor with NCCAT's clients and other personnel. Collaborate with Teachers Services staff to successfully complete each registration cycle. Respond to client contacts in a timely manner. Assist with marketing efforts as requested. 





·       Excellent office skills and practices. 

·       Experience in managing an office. 

·       Considerable knowledge of the principles of English composition and the ability to present information effectively orally, in charts, and/or writing. 

·       Ability to complete tasks with a minimum of supervision. 

·       Ability to work collaboratively with different departments. 

·       Considerable knowledge of database design, functionality. 

·       Considerable experience maintaining databases. 

·       Experience using SQL, Access, or Excel software with querying and analyzing data as the primary function. 

·       Working knowledge of methods and techniques used in gathering, editing, and reporting social and economic information.



Recruitment Range$32,703 – 38,218




Experience: 4 years of related administrative experience 


Education: High school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) diploma. Bachelor’s Degree preferred. 


All employment history must be included in the Work Experience of your application as it is critical to our screening and salary determination process. Any information omitted from the application but included in the resume (text or attached) will not be considered as qualifying experience.


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