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04 Dec

NCCTM min-grants to support classrooms

The North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a min-grant opportunity right now for teachers.

27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are very thankful for the opportunity to work with wonderful educators from across North Carolina.

Happy Thanksgiving from NCCAT!

20 Nov

NC Pre-K: Oral Langauge program at NCCAT

Thank you to educators for joining us for "NC Pre-K: Oral Language" program in Cullowhee.

12 Nov

3 Common PBL Problems—and Solutions

From Edutopia - In effective project-based learning (PBL) experiences, students are actively engaged in decision-making, confidently manage their team’s shared accountability, and develop quality products and performances. Many schools achieve this success, while others struggle.

01 Nov

"Get Out: Using the Outside as your Main STEM Tool" at NCCAT

Fantastic work by these teachers during "Get Out: Using the Outside as your Main STEM Tool" in Cullowhee this week. They worked on taking the indoor classroom outside and bringing STEM to life. Hope to see them again soon!

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