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January, 2015

02 Jan

NCCAT in the news

Both the McDowell News and Watauga Democrat recently published information about the upcoming "Daylong programs" at NCCAT.

North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, a national leader in professional development for teachers, will once again offer “Daylong Programs” at the Cullowhee campus in January to help teachers meet one of the challenges of a busy school year—leaving the classroom to participate in professional development.

05 Jan

Edutopia: 3 steps to make 2015 epic

Welcome to 2015! Are you looking for ways to make this the best year ever? Here's some help from edutopia ...

"You don't accidentally climb Mt. Everest. People who set out to ascend that peak often make it to the top. Some don't. But I promise this: if you don't try to climb Mt. Everest, you won't.

You don't accidentally have an awesome year. You don't accidentally learn something new (not usually, anyway). People who put themselves in the position to learn end up learning.

St. Jerome says, "Begin to be now what you will be hereafter."

06 Jan

Is It Important for Parents to Know What Children Want To Read?

NCCAT Center Fellow Dr. Ernest Johnson and his wife Mattie Perry Johnson, M.L.S, recently wrote this piece on children and reading for LinkedIn. They wrote, "Just as your reading preferences are important to you, children also have preference about reading. Here is what we have learned about what children want to read.

What Do Children Want To Read?

Children Want Mysteries—They want books with heightened suspense and excitement.

Children Want Humor—They want to laugh, giggle, and have fun with books.

07 Jan

Writing with Your Whole Self

After publishing a novel and dozens of short stories, poems, articles, and book reviews, I have to admit that I’m pretty comfortable with writing. But when I’m helping other people find their voices, I need to help them understand how the writing process is built from three very different kinds of brain-bricks: creative mess-making, technical know-how, and critical judgment. A little diagram I stole from Eric Berne’s Games People Play helps me get the point across. Students call it my “snowman.”

08 Jan

McDowell County teacher on Gamification success in the classroom after NCCAT course

From a teaching perspective, using 3DGameLab and quests simplifies learning and assessing for me and motivates students to make choices that I want them to make, often without them realizing it. If I design and write a quest carefully with a specific objective in mind, I can camouflage the learning as something fun, eccentric or teen brain-oriented.

09 Jan

NCCAT alumnus featured in article

We were excited to read about NCCAT alumnus Joshua Gaskill in this recent article from the New Bern Journal Sun. The story begins ...

"Students in Joshua Gaskill’s history class find out quickly that his plan is about more than just memorizing dates and events.

He wants them to know the story behind the historical line scores and to give thought to how events even hundreds of years ago relate to today’s world.

His own story is compelling – a 2003 Pamlico graduate who looked at engineering and medicine before settling on a career as an educator.

15 Jan

OpenClass and IAM training at NCCAT in Cullowhee

The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching was happy to host educators from several school districts at the OpenClass and IAM training in Cullowhee this week. We appreciate educators from ArtSpace Charter School, Buncombe County,Charlotte Choice Charter School, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Clay County Schools, Jackson County Schools, and Madison County Schools for joining us.

16 Jan

Natalie's Rules: Freeing Kids to Write

In an earlier post, I discussed how successful writing rides a tricycle of creative mess-making, technical know-how, and thumbs-up/thumbs-down judgments. Teachers I know seem pretty confident with the technical how-to and the assessment wheels on the trike. It’s that third wheel, how to free kids for the first steps of drafting, that they want help with. But how to unlock the brave, playful, reckless energy that lets novice writers smear down that first draft without being paralyzed by the blank page?

16 Jan

Congratulations to the North Carolina regional Teachers of the Year!

Congratulations to the the newly named regional Teachers of the Year! The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction announced the nine teachers this week. The state winner will be named in April.

North Carolina Regional Teachers of the Year are
Region 1: Jami Dickerson, Eastern Elementary (Pitt County Schools);

Region 2: Joshua Gaskill, Pamlico County High (Pamlico County Schools);

Region 3: Jeremy Tucker, James B. Hunt High (Wilson County Schools);

Region 4: Mariel Barker Sellars, East Columbus High (Columbus County Schools);

19 Jan

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Both NCCAT campuses are closed today in honor and celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. NCCAT Center Fellow Dr. Ernest H. Johnson takes this look at Dr. King's life in this recent LinkedIn post below. Today we will pause to remember Dr. King and all that he did while participating in acts of service in our communities.

Click link to Dr. Johnson's post.

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