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July, 2017

04 Jul

Find out more about NCCAT Honored Educator Scholarship program

The NCCAT Honored Educator Scholarship Program pays tribute to outstanding educators and individuals whose teaching or influence in public education.

Montly Tool Talk - YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic resource; however, it can be overwhelming remembering which video you want to show your students.  Make your own custom list via YouTube.  This list can be private, unlisted, or public.  You can share your custom list with others.

07 Jul

From #NCCAT Online - Online Discussion Tools for the Classroom

It's time to rethink how to engage students in classroom discussions.  Learn how to make classroom discussions more exciting by engaging students with digital tools to brainstorm ideas, share responses, and involve everyone.  Discover digital tools that can be used without having to create student accounts.  It is time for students to be active in their learning and stay engaged!

11 Jul

Teacher Leadership Institute for Teachers of the Year in Ocracoke

North Carolina’s 2016–2017 Teachers of the Year are with NCCAT in Ocracoke to examine educational leadership and positive responses to institutional change.

Beginning Teacher program at NCCAT

Teachers from across North Carolina have joined us for "Success From The Start: How To Survive And Thrive Your First Three Years In The Classrooms" in Cullowhee this week.

26 Jul

Teachers create grant proposals after NCCAT program

We are happy to hear that 90 percent of people who attended "Reading Resources: Equipping Your Classroom For Reading Success" have already submitted two funding proposals after a week in the program led by Dr. Ernest Johnson of NCCAT.

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