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August, 2018

North Carolina Geographic Alliance (NCGA) Geo-Inquiry Summer Institute in Ocracoke.

We appreciate the North Carolina Geographic Alliance (NCGA) Geo-Inquiry holding their Summer Institute in Ocracoke.
09 Aug

Reading and Writing activity for the first week of school

Teacher friends...Idea for first week of school!!

Bringing Boys to books program at NCCAT

REACHING RELUCTANT READERS: BRINGING BOYS TO BOOKS at the NCCAT Campus in Cullowhee The energy, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment in this group of North Carolina teachers was over the top. To quote several of the participants, “If all of us could be in the same school we could show the state how to solve the reading problems with our children.” We are thankful for the work these teachers are doing to discover ways to empower the literacy habits of young males throughout the state of North Carolina. Wishing each of you a successful year!
21 Aug

5 Tips for Improving Students’ Success in Math

Great ideas from Edutopia - Teachers who coach teams in a mathematical modeling challenge share ideas for helping students develop more confidence.

Click here for more information.

Beginning Teachers spend time with NCCAT at Ocracoke

We appreciate teachers who joined us for "Success From the Start: How to Survive and Thrive Your First Three Years in the Classroom" in Ocracoke. Through experiential learning, teachers explored pedagogical concerns including differentiated instruction, brain-compatible teaching, assessment, the effect of poverty on achievement and behavior, and classroom management. Thank you for being with us!

Find ideas for learning with tech in back-to-school guide!

ISTE has some great ideas for learning with tech this year!

"Why not commit to trying one new thing this year to get your students learning with technology. We’ll even make it easy for you. Whether you want to get started with coding, boost your students media literacy, or inspire them with global collaboration projects to fulfill their role as digital citizens, we’ve got some lesson ideas and educator-tested resources to help you get started."

Click here for the resources.

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