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September, 2018

06 Sep

Making the Most of In-Class Book Clubs

Book clubs bring challenges in class management and assessment, but they can lead to improvements in students’ reading ability. Check out the post from Edutopia about the topic below.

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17 Sep

Research shows welcoming students with a smile works

Greeting each student at the door with a positive message brings benefits for both students and teacher, according to a study. Click here to read more at Edutopia -

Teachers of NCCAT - Carolyn Kay Swift Creek Middle School

Why I Became a Teacher

I remember telling my mother when I was in Kindergarten that I was not going to get married, nor have any children of my own when I grew up. My plan was to take care of the children that no one else wanted. I often thought of that conversation while my husband and I spent the first six years of our marriage struggling with infertility.

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