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August, 2021

Deeper Dive Into The Science of Reading with NCCAT

These participants delved into current Science of Reading research to support learning around the essential components of reading instruction at the NCCAT Cullowhee campus. We appreciate them joining us for "Deeper Dive into the Science of Reading" in Cullowhee. Their work included discovering the tenets of structured literacy to ensure all children have access to effective reading instruction.

Early Grade Literacy Tip - Gin Hodge

There is simply no aspect of word-level reading that is unaffected by phonological skills. This deficit is far and away the most common reason children struggle in word-level reading.

NCCAT Math Tip - Dr. Bonnie Bolado

Estimation is a strong part of number sense in all levels of the math classroom, strengthening students’ reasonability and problem-solving skills.

Click here to check out Steve Wyborney’s Esti-Mysteries for great resources to engage students in estimation during your number sense routine.

NCCAT Differentiation & Digital Tools - Dr. Mandy Taylor

At times, students need support when engaging in grade-level texts. Providing scaffolds is one way to make grade level texts accessible for students. 


NCCAT Online offers NC educators a place to come and share ideas while reading a book together to help us learn and grow in our personal and professional lives. Our fourth book will be Dr. Carol S. Dweck s Mindset. Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University, discovered with decades of research the power of our mindset. Dweck explains that it is not just our abilities and talents that bring about success, but whether we approach our goals with a fixed or growth mindset.

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