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January, 2022

Happy National Sticker Day!

Happy National Sticker Day! We're glad to have our NCCAT sticker and the way it reminds us and others of our important work to support teachers and impact students. You can purchase this sticker at our stores at the Cullowhee campus and soon at Ocracoke. If you have a sticker we hope you will take a selfie and share it on social media with the hashtag #NCCAT. Thanks to teachers for all you do! We're here to help. Let us know how we can.

Beginning Teachers program in Ocracoke

Thank you to these teachers from across North Carolina who joined us for "Success from the Start" in Ocracoke. Teachers developed their craft by understanding how to teach to the depth of their standards and differentiating for multiple levels of learners. Beginning educators had the opportunities to refine their teaching philosophies and class expectations. Within this seminar, teachers identified their most immediate needs for their classrooms, and time was spent exploring solutions to those needs. Great job! Thank you for all you do!

30 Jan

Participats join NCCAT to work on National Boards

NCCAT is very excited to have teachers joining us starting Friday, February 4th for the National Board Certification program. They will join other initial candidates for a weekend of facilitated support and collaboration as they work on components two-four of your National Board certification submission. Participants are expected to have a draft of at least one component prior to attendance. Best practices for completing components will be shared. Thank you to these teachers for putting in this work!

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