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Canvas in the Elementary Classroom

We enjoyed reading this blog post "A Radical Shift in Thinking: Canvas in the Elementary Classroom" from the Canvas blog. Kristin Patrick,a Technology Integration Coach Indiana talks about her journey to become a regular Canvas user. 

Canvas, North Carolina’s Learning Management System (LMS), is your place for one-stop learning and course management

From the blog ...

The truth was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know about Canvas. I thought that I had seen what Canvas could do through my work as an online instructor, but it turned out that I was barely scratching the surface. Christy, my professional counterpart at the secondary level and who I call my Canvas sensei, was willing to sit with me shoulder to shoulder to demonstrate the flexibility of Canvas. Though everyone can’t have their own Christy, her guidance is testament to power of having an expert Canvas user empower others to visualize the possibilities.

Canvas certified trainer Elizabeth Joyce is an NCCAT Faculty member and has several programs for all levels of Canvas users coming up.

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