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Engaged group for "Motivating Disengaged Students" in Cullowhee

From NCCAT faculty member Dr. Ernest Johnson after this week in Cullowhee ....

Thank you to teachers who joined us for "Motivating Disengaged Students." Students are engaged when they are involved in their work, persist despite challenges and obstacles, and take visible delight in their accomplishments. Solving student engagement issues is complex. What works in one class may be a failure in the next, with every year presenting new challenges for engaging students in various lessons. This program used a collaborative classroom process to address questions dealing with how to create a classroom culture and how to create classroom instructions that facilitates self-motivation, personal responsibility, and perseverance of students.


WOW! If we could clone this group of teachers and the the awesome principal, we could solve all of our student disengagement issues in the state! ...


Hope to see these teachers back with us soon!


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