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Hope Street Group State Teacher Fellowship Program in North Carolina

Passing along this information from NCCAT alum and NC teacher Ben Owens ...

I just received good news today that Hope Street Group is initiating a State Teacher Fellows program in North Carolina! Most of you are aware that I was a 2014 National Teacher Fellow with HSG and continue to proudly be associated with the great, non-partisan work they are doing for education across the country. The NC State Teacher Fellowship follows very successful STF programs in Kentucky and Hawaii to provide the training, support, and credibility needed to get more teacher voice at the policy table. I've included two links below that provide more details about their work at the state level:


We hope to have the application process open for NC teachers in mid-March and to have the State Teacher Fellows selected before the end of the school year. What is needed at this point, however, is a North Carolina State Director. If you know of any super-star contacts out there that might be interested in what promises to be some great work in the education policy space in North Carolina, then please direct them to the link here for more information (I have also attached a brief job description below).

Thank You!

Hope Street Group is currently accepting applications for our North Carolina State Teacher Fellows Program Director. The North Carolina State Teacher Fellows Program Director leading the replication of the Program in North Carolina by: building, collecting, and aggregating teacher voice and perspectives for impact at the state level; serving as Hope Street Group’s state spokesperson; and empowering teachers as leaders for their profession and students. Residency and experience in North Carolina is required. If you or know someone you know is ready to lead an entrepreneurial movement in North Carolina, please direct a writing sample and salary requirements and resume to [email protected] before March 1, 2015.

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