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Is It Important for Parents to Know What Children Want To Read?

NCCAT Center Fellow Dr. Ernest Johnson and his wife Mattie Perry Johnson, M.L.S, recently wrote this piece on children and reading for LinkedIn. They wrote, "Just as your reading preferences are important to you, children also have preference about reading. Here is what we have learned about what children want to read.

What Do Children Want To Read?

Children Want Mysteries—They want books with heightened suspense and excitement.

Children Want Humor—They want to laugh, giggle, and have fun with books.

Children Want Nonfiction and Fantasy Books—They want books where they can dream, imagine, and have facts about the world around them.

Children Want Books Where the Covers Don’t Appear “DORKY”—They want books that help them develop strong ties with their friends.

Children Want to Listen to Audiobooks and Interact With Electronic Books—They want movement.

Children Want a Comfortable Place to Read—They want to stretch-out and relax in comfortable chairs or a sofa.

Children Want to Read under Natural Light—Much like you, they want a room with a view!

Children Want to Hear the Book Read Aloud—Children are social, and they enjoy rich interactions with people."

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