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Multicultural Issues In Children's LIteracy at Cullowhee

Great group with us for "Multicultural Issues in Children's Literacy" in Cullowhee this week.

Minority students (and all students) need to see positive verbal and visual images of children like themselves in the books they read. When children see themselves in books they are motivated to read more books and read more often. It can increase self-esteem and make them feel part of the larger society. Reading literature about people from other cultures can increase sensitivity to those who are different from themselves, improve their knowledge of the world, and help them realize that although people have many differences, they also share many similarities.

Teachers participating in this program are learning to identify and evaluate books and online literacy resources that you can use to build a positive multicultural classroom. They are also becoming familiar with grants and other sources you can use to acquire multicultural resources.

Thank you to these teachers for joining us this week.


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