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NOW is the best time to go after reading resources and grants to support reading in the classroom!

It’s cold outside and we are only half through the academic year. But is this is the time to think about the resources needed to launch a strong summer reading program? … or resources that you need next year?

The mistake that many teachers make is waiting until April or May, but by then its too late to win grants and apply for the reading resources they need. As the old saying goes, “Reading is fundamental”. However, not all public-school students have access to the variety of materials during the academic year or summer that is necessary to build a strong reading foundation. When the school bells indicating the last day of classes, our aim in this NCCAT program is to ensure that teachers can provide students with opportunities to increase their reading abilities during the summer months.  Summer does not mean taking a break from learning, especially reading. Studies show that most students experience a loss of reading skills over the summer months, but children who continue to read actually gain skills.

The major aims of the program, READING RESOURCES: EQUIPPING YOUR CLASSROOM FOR READING SUCCESS, we are running this week are to:

•Help classroom teachers to know the components of a typical grant for a foundation or other funding source.

•Provide teachers will effective and reliable strategies to search online sources to determine requirements for submitting grants.

•Provide classroom teachers with the support they need to develop and prepare proposals for acquiring literacy resources for their classroom.


Please use these questions to guide your response to the post

  1. What project(s) are you using this opportunity at NCCAT to explore funding for?
  2. How has this opportunity at NCCAT helped you with your grant preparation?
  3. What’s got you excited about this NCCAT program and having Dr. Ernest Johnson as the facilitator of the Reading Resources program?


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