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Person County schools work on MTSS at NCCAT

We were honored to have Dr. Wendy Staskiewicz and a team from Person County Schools with us recently at NCCAT. Here is what Dr. Staskiewicz wrote us about the time in Cullowhee.

"On behalf of Person County Schools, I send my sincere thanks to you and your colleagues for the excellent services at NCCAT.  Until this school year, I had not attended any programs there although I had heard rave reviews from others.  Recently, however, I attended the Fall Conference for Curriculum Leaders on the NCCAT campus in Cullowhee.  There I learned more about how school systems could send teams of teachers and school leaders to work on important projects, and that some of my colleagues had been taking teams from their district for years.  Considering the opportunity to work without distractions, we decided to submit a work session proposal for early March."

Our work was focused on implementing a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS).  Over three days at NCCAT, we evaluated and collated resources; developed draft core documents for reading, math, and behavior; and developed a five-year implementation plan.  Although we still have a great deal more work to do, we "moved the mountain" quite a distance in a short period of time.  What we accomplished was due partly to our sense of urgency and partly to the environment you provided. Every single staff member was helpful, friendly, and accommodating.  We had a perfect work space in the meeting room.  The comfortable seats, spacious tables, convenient outlets, data projector, and beautiful scenery was just to our liking (we credit you for the windows and God for the view).  Since most of us are working parents, it was especially refreshing to devote all of our time and attention to work, even well into the evening hours.    

Thanks to the NCCAT team for catering so carefully and graciously to our needs during the visit.  I think some may underestimate what your carefully designed programs and services do for teachers and education in general.  By treating education professionals with such care and respect, you are reinforcing--even rebuilding--our sense of self worth and sending us back to schools with renewed purpose and energy. In our case, we also returned with work products that can make an important difference in the effectiveness of our schools.  

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