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The Physically Active Academic Classroom program at NCCAT

How many of us have endured the drudgery of the “sit ‘n’ git” workshop and sworn silently that we would never inflict the same fate on our students? This promise represents not only good humor, but also good pedagogy. A wealth of research supports the hypothesis that physical activity can boost comprehension, retention, and self-regulation in students of all achievement levels.

A group of teachers have joined us in Cullowhee this week to take part in the program "The Physically Active Academic Classroom" in Cullowhee.

Teachers who build movement into their lesson designs will have students who are less disruptive and more engaged. Teachers will learn a variety of strategies for integrating instruction with physical activity, but not at the expense of intellectual rigor. Armed with a collection of techniques you can use immediately, design and create your own physically and mentally active lessons. 

Thank you for being with us and we hope to see these teachers again!

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