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Project based Learning blog from NCCAT alum

Ben Owens, a physics and mathematics teacher at Tri-County Early College High School in Murphy and NCCAT alumnus, recently wrote a blog "Project Based Learning - A method that works for ALL students!" for CTQ (Center for Teaching Quality).

From the blog ...

"The level of success with my own students is obvious. I have come to use terms like “game changer” when describing it to my colleagues. But these were high school students. How could I, with any credibility, claim that the same results could be expected with students in elementary and middle grades?

The “it” is Project Based Learning (PBL). I began formally using PBL per Buck Institute’s methodology four years ago in my physics and math classes and have helped my school adopt it as our primary mode of instruction for the past two years. To say that the results have been impressive is an understatement. The level of student engagement, collaboration, and excitement is consistently producing a depth of knowledge that I had seldom seen with other instructional methods – even student-centered methods. I can confidently say that my students are not only mastering curricular knowledge but are refining skills that they will be able to apply in college and in their careers. Skills such as public speaking, research, data analysis, idea promotion, and intense problem solving – all from developing projects that are directly related to real-world applications that they care about."

Click here for link to the post. (Note - You will need to sign-up for the CTQ-NC collaboratory to view it.

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