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Teachers of NCCAT - Beth Baucom Pearsontown Elementary Durham Public Schools/Durham

Beth Baucom

Pearsontown Elementary

Durham Public Schools/Durham


This honestly is a tough question to answer [When were you an answer to a student/colleague's prayers?].  I do not like to "toot my own horn". However, I've recently had a couple of experiences where the people told me how much I helped them.


The first person who comes to mind is Ashley.  About four years ago, I made the move back to second grade from having taught first for about six years (after teaching second for six years).  While I knew second grade curriculum and enjoyed it, I was nervous about the team I was joining. I was happy that two other of my first grade teammates were moving up with me.  I had heard that one of the team was a first-year teacher, right out of college. Turns out she was in the classroom beside me. I introduced myself to Ashley and told her if she ever needed anything to let me know.  That began the beginning of a wonderful friendship and unofficial mentor/"mentee" relationship. Over the next three years, Ashley and I talked constantly. We texted all the time. We planned together. We ate lunch together almost every day (usually she came to my room).  Any time she had a question, she came to me, whether it was about lessons, curriculum, activities, student issues, parent issues, colleague issues...anything and everything. Ashley told me many times how much she was thankful for me and grateful for all I did for her and how much I was there for her.  She left last year to go to graduate school and I'm so proud of her and excited to see where she will go from here!


My experience with Ashley lead up to the next person.  Early this school year, my assistant principal approached me and asked if I was interested in having a student teacher.  On the surface, I would be happy to, but the side of me that likes to be in control of my classroom was freaking out. My AP needed an answer right away, so I took a leap of faith and said yes.  Asia, my student teacher, is right now teaching her first week of full control. She is doing an amazing job! She has expressed to me many times how appreciative she is of me and how much I've helped her.  She loves the resources I've given her and is very thankful for all the information and help I've given her. There have been some changes in her program at NCCU and she's had some stressful days. She's been grateful for my shoulder to lean on and the advice I've given her.  Of course, Asia is making it easy to be a cooperative teacher, too! I definitely believe my time with Ashley helped me with being here for Asia.


As I said, this was tough to answer and if Ashley and Asia hadn't shared how much I meant to them, I would not have answered this question.  I'm thankful I'm able to have a positive impact on young teachers' lives and I hope to continue!


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