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Teachers of NCCAT - Carolyn Kay Swift Creek Middle School

Why I Became a Teacher

I remember telling my mother when I was in Kindergarten that I was not going to get married, nor have any children of my own when I grew up. My plan was to take care of the children that no one else wanted. I often thought of that conversation while my husband and I spent the first six years of our marriage struggling with infertility.

After abandoning a financially successful career in banking to become a stay-at-home mother, I returned to the workforce as a part-time Teacher Assistant once my youngest went to school. At last, I fulfilled the dream of that naïve five-year-old child. My lifelong dream to help all children learn had been a long one, filled with several extended illnesses and three knee surgeries (due to work related injuries), but one I was determined to see come true. Forty-seven years after making that promise to my mother,

I am a second-year Special Education Middle School Resource Teacher for Math and English Language Arts. I teach the children that no one else wants to teach.

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