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Teachers of NCCAT - Craig Tucker

Welcome to a new feature we will be trying called "Teachers of NCCAT." Craig Tucker, of the NCDPI Office of Charter Schools and NCCAT presenter, spoke with NCCAT faculty member Elizabeth Joyce about his decision to get into education. His answer is posted below.

"I decided to enter the field of education for a variety of reasons. One of the most profound was the opportunity to watch my parents work in education with a passion and commitment to see lives changed. My father served in a variety of roles, including teacher, assistant principal, principal, curriculum specialist and instructor in a GED program. My mother transitioned from the textile industry to serve as a one-to-one assistant working with a student with special needs. Though they contributed to the field of education in different ways, they worked to build relationships and were committed to the call to see students succeed in both academics and life. It was their example and tireless commitment to do the right thing for students that first steered me to a career in education."

Thanks to Craig and all North Carolina educators for all they do each day!


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