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Teachers of NCCAT - Sabrina Lynn King-Bowen

"Based on personal experience, NCCAT is an essential element educators need to refuel, gain innovative educational practices, and create lifelong professional friendships and networks. My experience began a few years ago when I enrolled in a session called "Flipping your Mathematics Classroom". I had always been interested in the concepts of personalizing student learning experiences and I believed the flipping method could successfully move my teaching to this level. Although I had read several texts concerning the procedures, theory and methods for the "flipping" concept, there was no better learning experience than the hands-on collaborative sessions delivered at NCCAT. The week of training inspired me to totally flip my math middle grades classroom and share the experience with others in surrounding counties.

The following year, I pursued an additional training session focused on the new innovative learning management system known as Canvas. Although I had received two tutorial sessions from a Canvas trainer, I knew the sessions at NCCAT would deliver more in-depth, hands-on learning experiences and be more beneficial to my overall implementation of Canvas in the classroom. NCCAT once again delivered exactly what I needed to become a confident user of Canvas tools and uses in the classroom.

Through these two experiences, I began to pursue a more technology-based curriculum approach in my math classroom and this did not go unnoticed by administrators. I accredit my appointment as Instructional Technology Facilitator for our district to my prior inspiring experiences, training, and networking created through NCCAT and my growing passion to assist others with instructional design in their classrooms. 
NCCAT grew a love for technology in me that I was unaware even existed in my educational pursuit to inspire all learners and do my very best to meet their diverse needs. I will continue to share the inspiring NCCAT professional developments offered to educators across our state with hopes that fellow educators may gain from the experience, as I did. (Sabrina Lynn King-Bowen of Hyde County Schools)


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