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@ThatMathLady keeps learning going on Twitter

Amanda Casto, a teacher at Druid Hills Academy in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, might be better known as that @ThatMathLady to educators on Twitter.

Once Casto joined Twitter, there was no turning back as she found a great way to connect with other teachers and keep learning going.

"It has been amazing to me how many connections I've made and people I've been able to interact with because of Twitter," Casto said. "It is something that grew organically and put me in touch with ideas and educators that have been so helpful in my career as an educator."

Casto, who recently took part in a week at NCCAT with 35 other educators from Caswell County, has more than 1,500 followers, and she says there are easy ways for a teacher to start with Twitter.

"Something that worked for me was I followed some bigger names in education and then saw who they followed," Casto said. "It let me get started and understand how people shared and what they shared."

Casto quickly graduated to Twitter chats and her blog at She has been part of the group #CoffeeEduQC in Charlotte along with educator Ashley Hurley (@ashleyhhurley) where educators who connected on Twitter met at Panera Bread to keep the conversation going.

"To be able to connect like this and collaborate with other teachers is something I couldn't have really imagined when it started, but I'm so glad it has and continues to happen," Casto said.

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