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07 Dec

Focus Friday in Cullowhee

Thank you to teachers who joined us today for a “Focus Friday - Phonics” as part of the NCCAT Literacy badge.
06 Dec

Coming to NCCAT - Engaging the Math I Mind

Apply now for this great program coming to NCCAT!

03 Dec


The new #HourOfCode tutorial is finally here! Do a little dance, make a little code! More at
30 Nov

Harnett County teachers spend week on leadership with NCCAT

Thank you to these educators for joining us for "Teacher Leadership Harnett County."

27 Nov

K-2 teachers professional development opportunity

Join NCCAT February 26th through March 1st for our math program, 14837-Empowering Math Learners: K-2. This professional development is free of charge, and open to any K-2 teacher in North Carolina. Meals and lodging are provided. In this program teachers will develop strategies for student success by delving into the instructional frameworks, learning new critical thinking skills, and exploring resources.

20 Nov

Google Tools In Schools program coming to NCCAT

We hope you will apply today to "Google Tools In Schools" program at NCCAT!

16 Nov

Exploring Life Science Using The Engineering Design Cycle with NCCAT

Use the engineering design cycle to study ecology, molecular biology, genetics, and other life sciences. Build aquatic traps, design solutions to civil rights issues, model cell processes, and get messy all while integrating literacy strategies! Investigate how to adapt these concepts for your classroom use. For more visit -
13 Nov

NCCAT at the State Archives and State Library

Thank you to these teachers who joined us for "Integrating Primary Sources: In Raleigh at the State Archives and State Library." Thank you!
09 Nov

Literacy Strategies For Specialist Teachers in Ocracoke

What an amazing week with "Literacy Strategies For Specialist Teachers" in Ocracoke. In this program, teachers investigated ways to integrate literacy instruction into their content area by collaborating, exploring and creating literacy activities and/or lessons that they can take back and employ with their students. Thank you!
07 Nov

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