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05 Nov

Yancey County teachers received NCCAT Scholarship

Congratulations to Peter Bobbe of Mountain Heritage high School in the Yancey County Schools ( district. He received the NCCAT Marjorie T. and John S. Britt Scholarship while at "English I and II: Teaching for Progression" in Ocracoke.

02 Nov

Focus Friday: Phonological Awareness in Cullowhee

Wonderful group with us for Focus Friday: Phonological Awareness in Cullowhee today! Learn more about the Focus Friday program at
26 Oct

Strategies for Motivating and Building Reading Skills in Any Subject at NCCAT

"Strategies for Motivating and Building Reading Skills in Any Subject" was the focus this week for these great North Carolina teachers. Participants in this NCCAT program reviewed ideas about how to incorporate reading strategies into their course-work regardless of whether they are teaching social studies, science, history, PE, math, language arts or any subject. In addition, they explored how to make this an enticing experience for struggling, reluctant, and disengaged learners. Thanks for being with us!
17 Oct

NC Teacher of Year visits NCCAT

Honored to have education leader Bill Harrison and NC Teacher of the Year Freebird McKinney in Cullowhee today with Rutherford County Schools, NC Teacher Leaders!
12 Oct

Guilford County teacher receives NCCAT Honored Educator Scholarship

Congratulations to Shanda Hamm on receiving the NCCAT Honored Educator Scholarship from Guilford County Schools as the Teacher of the Year in Guilford County Schools. She is a math teacher at the Early Middle College at GTCC Greensboro. Hamm attended "Differentiated Instruction for Secondary Teachers" at Cullowhee this week. She is pictured with Dr. Bonnie Bolado, NCCAT Senior Math Specialist.
10 Oct

Teachers learn differentiated instruction strategies at NCCAT

These teachers from across North Carolina have developed lesson plans for their content using differentiated instruction strategies, learned how to incorporate differentiation techniques into whole class, small group, and individual instruction, and gained understanding of personalized learning. They have been with us for "Differentiated Instruction For Secondary Teachers" in Cullowhee. Thank you for being with us!
05 Oct

North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematic strategies

Great articles to refresh your math teaching strategies from North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Passed along by NCCAT Senior Math Specialist @BonnieBolado on Twitter. Click here for more.

03 Oct

Pitt County teacher receives NCCAT Honored Educator Scholarship

Congratulations to Shelley Armour, a recent Edgecombe County Teacher of the Year, who now teaches at D.H.

21 Sep

Teachers of NCCAT - Carolyn Kay Swift Creek Middle School

Why I Became a Teacher

I remember telling my mother when I was in Kindergarten that I was not going to get married, nor have any children of my own when I grew up. My plan was to take care of the children that no one else wanted. I often thought of that conversation while my husband and I spent the first six years of our marriage struggling with infertility.

17 Sep

Research shows welcoming students with a smile works

Greeting each student at the door with a positive message brings benefits for both students and teacher, according to a study. Click here to read more at Edutopia -

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