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Variety of programs available to all teachers. Join us now!
Variety of programs available to all teachers. Join us now!
Variety of programs available to all teachers. Join us now!

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Group photo of teacher at High Quality Project Based Learning

NCCAT appreciates these teachers for joining us for "Bringing High Quality Project Based Learning to Your Classroom" in Cullowhee. High Quality Project-Based Learning is a pedagogical strategy used by forward thinking educators around the world to inspire students to collaborate, think critically , and share their work. Though many educators have heard about PBL and are excited about it, they struggle to implement it with fidelity in their own classrooms. This program, designed for educators in grades 6-12 of all subjects, including Career and Technical Education, introduced educators to the HQPBL framework and help them create their own PBL units in a high energy, collaborative atmosphere. 

Ocracoke STEM program teachers in group photo

NCCAT was pleased to host North Carolina educators in Ocracoke for the "STEM Schools of Distinction" program. During this planning institute schools reviewed the overarching principles of the NC STEM Schools of Distinction Rubric, considered what each principle means in the context of their individual school, assess the school’s readiness, drafted a strategic plan and developed next steps for school improvement or to apply for the NC STEM Schools of Distinction. The institute included whole group discussion to learn from best practices across the state and individual school team planning. Those who were encouraged to attend were: School teams of three to five (including a required administrator). Schools which currently have a STEM focus or have previously applied for the STEM School of Distinction designation will benefit the most from this institute.

Upcoming Programs

There is a clear science to teaching reading. Due to advancements in cognitive science, we know more about how our students learn to read than ever before.

The work of instructional coaching is a dynamic part of school communities. Supporting coaching cultures where students are at the center is an essential part of this work.

Canvas is a useful tool whether it’s for fully online courses or to create modules for a blended teaching approach, but who has the time and support to craft great Canvas resources?

Unlocking the Secrets to Student Engagement is a one-week program designed for K-5 educators who are looking for new ways to captivate their students' attention and motivate them to learn.