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Video Series Explains Quiz-Quiz-Trade Teaching Tool

Quiz-Quiz-Trade is the Swiss army knife of teaching tools, according to NCCAT faculty member Dr. Deb Teitelbaum. West Lincoln High School teacher Stephanie McCabe shared photos of her students taking part in Quiz-Quiz-Trade after she learned it at NCCAT.

CULLOWHEE—Quiz-Quiz-Trade is the Swiss army knife of teaching tools. Teachers can use it for mastery, for higher order thinking, for practicing social skills and students of every age love it.

NCCAT faculty member Dr. Deb Teitelbaum has created videos that show teachers learning the technique and using it to practice some vocabulary they just learned. The video links are below.

Click here for Quiz-Quiz-Trade I: The Basics

Click here for Test Review with Quiz-Quiz-Trade

Click here for Quiz-Quiz-Trade variations and extensions

Click here for Quiz-Quiz-Trade Reading Comprehension


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