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We are continually assessing our professional development and the NCCAT experience for opportunities to grow and better support North Carolina educators. In keeping with research-based best practices regarding contact hours and relevancy for professional development, adult learning theory, and collaboration, we have increased our residential programming, where teachers experience several days of learning, collegiality, modeling, and practice. Also, we continued to offer targeted and individualized focus sessions in schools across the state. Via multiple means of data collection, we have listened to the needs of North Carolina educators regarding literacy, digital learning, STEM, differentiated instruction, beginning teachers, and more. Not only did we continually strive to stay abreast of educator needs, but we also continued to hone the craft of instructional delivery via modeling of best practices. At its inception, NCCAT was designed as a place to renew the spirit of teachers. We certainly do that today, focusing that renewal on growth as a practitioner and as a state-wide network of collaborators, encouragers, and supporters. Teachers leave NCCAT inspired and eager to pass on their learning to their students.


Critical Success

NC teachers are critical to the success of student learning. NCCAT is a recognized national leader in professional development, supporting and retaining the highly qualified teachers who will prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Direct Impact

94% of participants self-reported that NCCAT programs had a direct impact on classroom practice.

Observed Improvement

78% of principals reported observed improvement upon return from NCCAT.

Best Practices

NCCAT models best practices for application to the classroom.

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