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4C-ing in Education

The Four C's are vital for students of the future. Technology can engage our learners and open opportunities for communication, collaboration and creativity in exciting ways.

It is also important for educator to know how to share this important information.

Jaclyn Stevens writes - "Authentic and meaningful content and coaching is going to support building those strong relationships. If professional development and resources are not aligned to 21st Century Skills and the 4Cs, targeting real world applications, student ability and standards – what value is an educator going to see in giving up their time to learn? Model, use questioning strategies, create open ended questions and consider giving educators a chance in telling you what they want to learn. Voice and choice can be a powerful combination to ensure not only that you are meeting educators where they are, but that you are challenging them to push out of their comfort zones and removing the barriers that come with preconceived notions of your role or the digital initiative at large"

Click here for her full article.

NCCAT has a great opportunity coming up to bring the 4C's into the classroom.  The program is called "4-Cing A Better Learning Experience: Technology And Tools To Transform Your Teaching" in Cullowhee. It will be taught by The Friday Institute.

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