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Curate the Web to Create Dynamic Presentations

Hola! How about some Spanish lessons today as the blog series with NCCAT presenter Glenn Gurley Jr. continues. Here is a post to Edmodo of using technology and learning of language from Ms. Anne Penley, a teacher at South Caldwell High School in Hudson, N.C. Anne used Blendspace to create a digital resource for her classroom. Here is the link.

is an online multimedia Web tool for teachers and students that help them created media rich presentations, WebQuests, projects, online courses, and is an excellent resource for the flipped classroom. Blendspace offers a grid-style work space online where resources can be combined. The links below are on Blendspace and illustrates learning with different lessons.

Sarah Dabbs, a teacher at Carl A. Furr Elementary in Concord, shared this link – “Mystery Skype in the Classroom”

Mrs. Allison Barham from The Downtown School shared in Edmodo “Body Systems” lesson plan for third graders.

Do you use Blendspace? We would love to hear what you’ve used Blendspace for or maybe share a link. As always, feel free to ask any questions we would be glad to chat.

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