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How have you used time at NCCAT in the classroom?

It is always a great honor to hear how educators take what they've worked on here at NCCAT back into classrooms across the state of North Carolina. We hear these stories each day and can't get enough of them honestly.

Thank you to Virginia Spaventa, a teacher at Frank Morgan Elementary in Clemmons, talks about how she has been able to take what she has learned at NCCAT back to the classroom in this video interview. Virginia came to a course on Digital Learning taught by Glenn Gurley and created a neat idea she calls "electronic homework" to get parents more involved in the learning process. She returned for "Google Tools in Schools" and already has plans for that program.

Click here for a link to the video.

We hope you will share what you've learned with us in comments or an email - [email protected]. Thanks for all educators are doing across North Carolina!

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