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Just Google It: Featuring Google Forms

Google tools can be extremely valuable for today’s educators. Mike Shumake, aka Shu in ed circles, is an Education Technology Expert and Edtech leader from Raleigh. He led this week’s program “Integrating Digital Learning into the Curriculum,” in Cullowhee.

The program featured many educational uses for Google tools, including Google Forms. When Shu asked participants what Google tool was the most useful new tool teachers learned over the week, the room spoke overwhelmingly in the favor of Google Forms. ‘There are a variety of ways to use Google Forms –surveys, formative assessments, and more. Students, teachers, schools, or districts can use Google Forms to collect data, and the type of data is only limited to your imagination,’ says Shu.

Here’s a quick look at Google Forms in a how to video from YouTube. Click here for video.


NCCAT will be posting more with Shu as we dive deeper into Google for Educators here at the NCCAT blog. Interested in learning more on an NCCAT campus with other teachers? Check out the program “Google Tools in Schools” in Cullowhee Nov. 3-7 by clicking on the link.

Access your Google Drive and click here to make your own Google Form –Get started today!

Do you use Google Forms at your school? How? Do you have a different Google tool? Let us know in the comments below!

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