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Legal answers for teachers

Every year, a significant number of teachers leave the profession because of ethical and legal issues. In some cases, the departure is due to a misunderstandin​g. In other cases, it is due to a lack of knowledge about specific standards. And sometimes, it is a result of deliberate illegal or unethical behavior on the part of a student or a teacher.

In cooperation with the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, this program will explore the ethical responsibilitie​s and rights of educators in North Carolina. To help with this issue NCCAT is offering "Legal information for Teachers" September 19 to September 21 in Cullowhee. Examine law that supports and protects students and teachers, and explore avenues for avoiding and ameliorating conflict between teachers, parents, students, administrators, and school staff.

Topics may include: liability issues; free speech issues; employee law; religious issues; cyberlaw; district, building-level, and teacher responsibilitie​s for implementing the Read to Achieve Act; student records issues; ethics programs; anti-bullying initiatives; and conflict resolution strategies. Administrators are welcome and encouraged to apply and to bring a team from their school(s). Join us as we work together to foster a safer school environment.

Openings available now for this program. Click here for an application.

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