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Need ideas for incorporating technology into your Classroom? NCCAT can help!

Check out our upcoming technology offerings below. Visit our website for a complete listing of our professional development programs.

Here is what one teacher said about time in a NCCAT technology seminar ...

"As a novice with some aspects of technology, I feel so much more equipped with both knowledge and tools to help my students, parents, faculty, and community interface with student learning through technology".
Fred Feely, Parkwood Elementary, Durham, NC
Participant in Catching Up with Your Students: Digital Learning, October, 2014

13799: Digital Tools to Support Early Grades Literacy
November 18 - 21, 2014
Cullowhee Campus

New technologies and related initiatives have been arriving in the classroom with alarming frequency: Chrome books, iPads, Interactive white boards, web 2.0 and 3.0 tools, student response systems, and countless apps. In an effort to remain current, many teachers may find themselves in a classic tail-wags-dog scenario; their curriculum is driven by the technology, when it is the technology that should support the curriculum. During this program, teachers will receive instruction in how to use digital tools to support and enhance their reading, writing, speaking, and listening instruction.


13817: Catching Up with Your Students: Digital Learning
December 9 - 12, 2014, Cullowhee Campus

Substitute teacher reimbursement covered on Wednesday, December 10 and Thursday, December 11.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Web 2.0, text messaging, Instagram, video conferencing, music downloading, video games, and online social networking communities-our students live in a digital world, with the ability to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. How can we catch up with them? Enter this world and acquire skills needed to navigate the ebb and flow of the digital age. Learn to facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools. Empower all students by developing technology-enriched learning experiences. Gain confidence and skill in accessing information as you integrate technology seamlessly into your curriculum. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility. Capitalize on your students' excitement and guide them on a safe, legal, and ethical journey into the digital universe.

13806: Using Digital Tools to Engage Literacy and Improve School Communications
December 9 - 12, 2014, Cullowhee Campus

One of the most striking realities relating to the nuts-and-bolts operation of schools is that communication processes can always be improved. Managing tasks, coordinating volunteers, getting parent feedback, disseminating information - these and other challenges face teachers, teams, administrators, and parent groups on a regular basis. Learn about free technological resources that can be leveraged to improve communication, engage teachers, engage students, engage parents, and raise money, friends, and interest for needs that fall outside of regular funding sources. Administrators and school teams are invited to apply for this program.

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