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QR Codes and Photography Techniques

Welcome back to our series of blogs on a recent Digital Learning program at NCCAT. Glenn Gurley, an NCCAT presenter, created a QR Code self guide field trip around the campus of NCCAT to teach seven photographic techniques. Teachers used their mobile devices to read about techniques and view examples before taking their own photos. A QR, Quick Response, Code consists of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs and text that can be read by a mobile devices.

Try using a QR reader on your smart phone to view these examples. I-nigma is one of the many free QR Code reader apps. First scan and read about Depth of Field then view Glenn’s photos.

Teachers traveled around campus with their teams to all of the location to learn and practice photography techniques.

After taking several pictures during the activity, teachers used online photo tools to edit the pictures and post to the seminar Edmodo.

Using QR codes in the classroom can help get students engaged and interested in their work. How have you used QR Codes in your classroom?

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