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Research and Development Team Programs

This program offers educators the remarkable opportunity to meet in a residential setting devoid of distraction to create and advance departmental, school, and district-wide projects. These projects might consist of new programming, research, planning, or curricula. Teachers, administrators, central office personnel, or district coordinators are encouraged to form a team. Contact us today to find out more.

Upcoming Research and Development Teams Offerings

  • Oct. 13-17,  Ocracoke (13785) Early Grades Literacy focus
  • Nov. 3-7, Cullowhee (13793) Digital Learning focus
  • Nov. 3-7, Ocracoke (13794) Early Grades Literacy focus
  • Nov. 10-14, Cullowhee (13796) Digital Learning focus
  • Nov. 17-21, Ocracoke (13800) Early Grades Literacy focus
  • Nov. 23-26, Cullowhee (13802) Digital Learning focus
  • Dec. 15-19, Cullowhee (13808) Digital Learning focus
  • Dec. 15-19, Ocracoke (13809) Early Grades Literacy focus

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