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NCCAT Literacy Badge 2020

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NCCAT will hold a five-session series to enable teachers to earn an NCCAT Literacy Badge. Attend all five and earn a badge or attend individual sessions of your choice based on interest and need. All sessions will be held in Cullowhee.

In order to promote student understanding of concepts of print, alphabetic knowledge, application of the alphabetic principle, and basic conventions of our writing system the foundational skills for reading must be understood and taught in depth by our teachers. The five sessions will comprise a study of the building blocks of literacy for success in beginning reading. Effective instruction in these fundamental components holds the key to life-long learning for every child in your classroom.

Litearcy Badge Programs are:

(February 28; 15220) Phonological awareness in Cullowhee - A significant predictor of reading success that also sets the stage for decoding at the listening level.

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(March 6; 15224) Phonics in Cullowhee - The understanding of the systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken sounds—which directly impacts children’s ability to read words both in isolation and in connected text.

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(March 20; 15231) Fluency in Cullowhee - The ability to read a text accurately, quickly and with expression——as a bridge between word recognition and comprehension.

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(May 1; 15251) Robust vocabulary in Cullowhee - The listening, speaking, reading and writing components needed for beginning reaching success.

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(May 15; 15258) Comprehension in Cullowhee - The essence of reading - and the purposeful strategies needed to ensure readers have the tools for making meaning every day.

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Note: Housing is available for Thursday night before the program.

For questions please contact NCCAT Teacher Services at 828-293-5202 or [email protected]


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