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Designing for Math Engagement and Mastery through Experiential Learning program

NCCAT will be offering the professional development program "Designing for Math Engagement and Mastery Through Experiential Learning" in Cullowhee April 19-22 in Cullowhee.

What if rather than hearing your students say, “I’m not good at math,” you could hear them say “math is one of my favorite classes!”? This workshop is for high schoolmath teachers ready to shift the paradigm for engaging teaching and learning through Design Thinking and the core elements of Experiential Learning such as authentic Problem, Place, and Project Based Learning. We will ground our work in student empathy, an asset-based lens, and proven, learner-centered strategies that help restore the joy, wonder, and relevance of math, while also enabling an increase in rigor and student depth of knowledge. Participants will work in a collaborative environment to develop a working knowledge of the design process and elements of High Quality PBL, as well as leverage a wealth of proven resources that help make math instruction less siloed and abstract and more connected to applications that students care about. Come to NCCAT with one or more ideas of how to design an experiential learning culture in your classroom and school.