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Visions for Teaching Writing for Grades K-5 at NCCAT Ocracoke

Teachers working at Ocracoke.

Join us December 11-15 for "Visions for Teaching Writing for Grades K-5" at NCCAT Ocracoke. 

If our pupils are to be successful in school, and in all aspects of their lives, they must learn to write effectively. Our students must receive adequate practice and instruction in writing because writing does not develop naturally. A basic goal for North Carolina elementary teachers is to teach our pupils to write effectively and flexibly. An important ingredient in supporting a vision for teaching writing is to apply methods with a proven track record of success. This seminar will help teachers observe a child’s writing and how to engage with them to provide that extra “nudge” to take their writing to the next level. Join this NCCAT seminar to learn about research-based best practices for teaching writing to our kindergarten through fifth graders.