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Holocaust Education

Approaching the Holocaust is a struggle for many teachers. Finding a way to teach a tragedy of unprecedented magnitude and enduring significance is perplexing even to the most seasoned educator.

Funded in part by the generous support of the Frank and Shelly Weiner Holocaust Education Teacher Training Endowment of NCCAT, NCCAT's Holocaust Education Program provides opportunities for public school teachers to engage directly with survivors and with some of the most authoritative scholars in the field in the context of a carefully crafted learning community. Teachers grapple with ideas and concerns while building a strong network of like-minded colleagues.

NCCAT offers educators the annual opportunity to attend “The Gathering of Holocaust Educators.” The purpose is to sustain a high level of commitment and excellence in the classroom. Teachers return to their classrooms filled with passion to convey the lessons they have learned and to ensure continued remembrance of the Holocaust.

For twenty years the NCCAT Holocaust Education Program has worked to promote Holocaust Education in North Carolina public schools as a part of our continuing effort to promote student understanding of the ways in which our individual and collective actions shape the direction of the present and the world of the future.

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Since the Holocaust...we see human atrocities taking place but feel helpless in preventing them. Yet, there is one thing that we can do—speak out against such crimes and teach our children about them and their cause. Only in this manner can we hope to stem the universal disregard of such human suffering.
Heddie Alston-Somerville
Principal, Pinkston Street Elementary
Vance County Schools