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Catch up with your students on technology in the New Year

Virginia Spaventa was able to take information from the "Catching up with your students: Digital Learning" program directly back to Frank Morgan Elementary in Clemmons to help students and parents.

Click here for link to video of her describing what she did and how.

We have openings now to join these programs. Upcoming programs are ...

13852 in Ocracoke on January 20-23

13907 in Cullowhee on June 15-19

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Web 2.0, text messaging, Instagram, video conferencing, music downloading, video games, and online social networking communities—our students live in a digital world, with the ability to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. How can we catch up with them? Enter this world and acquire skills needed to navigate the ebb and flow of the digital age. Learn to facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools. Empower all students by developing technology-enriched learning experiences. Gain confidence and skill in accessing information as you integrate technology seamlessly into your curriculum. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility. Capitalize on your students’ excitement and guide them on a safe, legal, and ethical journey into the digital universe.

Click here to apply! We hope to see you soon.

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