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Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement conference

Proposal submission deadline for the Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement (CCSA) in Greensboro has been extended to November 15. Click here for information on how to submit a proposal.

This conference will be held in March. Here's a bit more about it from DPI website ...

Focus Sessions
Three-hour sessions designed to provide opportunities for a deeper understanding and interaction with the session content.
Concurrent Sessions
Seventy-five and 90-minute informative and interactive sessions.
Poster Sessions
Twenty-minute sessions on research topics relevant to education reform and student achievement followed by 20 minutes of audience questions and interaction. Typical poster session presenters are IHE faculty or graduate students.

The following components should be considered in the design of your sessions:
Target Level
Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, or All Levels
Superintendents, Central Office Staff, School-Based Administrators, Teacher Leaders, Teachers, Student Support, or All Job Fields
Session Level
Introductory: Participants who have limited or no previous experience with the content.
Experienced: Participants who are familiar with the content but want more information.
Advanced: Participants who are very familiar with the content but want more in-depth information.
All: Intended for participants at all levels.

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