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NCCAT program at Pembroke school

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Motivating Disengaged Students was the focus of Dr. Ernest Johnson's offsite work for NCCAT recently with this great group of teachers in Pembroke, North Carolina. They are part of the teaching staff at Purnell Swett High School.Thank you for having NCCAT visit and the chance to work with these great educators! Find our more about how NCCAT can visit your school at

Teachers join NCCAT For Success From the Start in Ocracoke

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Thank you to these teachers who are with us for "Success From the Start: How to Survive and Thrive Your First Three Years in the Classroom" in Ocracoke. Through experiential learning, teachers will explore pedagogical concerns including differentiated instruction, brain-compatible teaching, assessment, the effect of poverty on achievement and behavior, and classroom management. Thank you for being with us!

Teachers of NCCAT - Jessica Falls

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Which teacher made the most impact on your life?

"My kindergarten teacher, Ms.Stevenson made the most impact on my life. At the age of 5 i entered her classroom and immediately knew I wanted to be just like her. She was kind and compassionate yet strong. She had perfect balance of tough love and loving love. We had an assignment to draw/write about what we wanted to be when we grew up and I drew a picture of Ms.Stevenson. I knew at age of 5 I wanted to be an educator just like her. I wanted to create a classroom full of kids who are excited about learning!!" 

Literacy Strategies For Specialist Teachers in Ocracoke

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What an amazing week with "Literacy Strategies For Specialist Teachers" in Ocracoke. In this program, teachers investigated ways to integrate literacy instruction into their content area by collaborating, exploring and creating literacy activities and/or lessons that they can take back and employ with their students. Thank you!

Strategies for Motivating and Building Reading Skills in Any Subject at NCCAT

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"Strategies for Motivating and Building Reading Skills in Any Subject" was the focus this week for these great North Carolina teachers. Participants in this NCCAT program reviewed ideas about how to incorporate reading strategies into their course-work regardless of whether they are teaching social studies, science, history, PE, math, language arts or any subject. In addition, they explored how to make this an enticing experience for struggling, reluctant, and disengaged learners. Thanks for being with us!

Teachers learn differentiated instruction strategies at NCCAT

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These teachers from across North Carolina have developed lesson plans for their content using differentiated instruction strategies, learned how to incorporate differentiation techniques into whole class, small group, and individual instruction, and gained understanding of personalized learning. They have been with us for "Differentiated Instruction For Secondary Teachers" in Cullowhee. Thank you for being with us!

Teachers of NCCAT - Carolyn Kay Swift Creek Middle School

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Why I Became a Teacher

I remember telling my mother when I was in Kindergarten that I was not going to get married, nor have any children of my own when I grew up. My plan was to take care of the children that no one else wanted. I often thought of that conversation while my husband and I spent the first six years of our marriage struggling with infertility.