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Edutopia: Do you need a digital teaching portfolio?

Do you have a digital teaching portfolio? A recent Edutopia blog post talks about the benefits of having one:

"There are several reasons to start building a portfolio:

- You’re looking for a new job. A media-rich teaching portfolio will give employers a deeper insight into your teaching practices while signaling that you're a 21st century teacher. Having a teaching portfolio can be a decisive element at the interview stage of the hiring process (Mosely, 2005).

- You want to share what you do and learn from others. Your teaching portfolio can be the home base of your personal learning network (PLN). You can repost articles you read, write blog entries about interesting aspects of your teaching experience, and mention professional development events that you have attended.

- You want one channel of communication with parents, colleagues and administrators. You can use the same site to communicate effectively with everyone in your practice, including students. Some teachers use the blog part of their portfolios to post important announcements and classroom updates for parents.

- Upload teaching artifacts and evidence of student learning. Many teacher evaluation instruments now rely heavily on learning artifacts (see Colorado SB 10-191). When showcasing student work, make sure to get proper permissions from the students' parents."

Click here for more on digital teaching portfolio.

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