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NCCAT alumna part of new STEM Center in Jacksonville

Happy to see the work of Jacksonville Commons Middle School Principal Gail Pylant, who has attended NCCAT, and others providing this opportunity for students.

From The Jacksonville Daily News

Jacksonville Commons Middle School seventh grader Thomas Clawson carefully cut and measured small pieces of wood for the truss and eagerly explained the importance of the structure as guests to his class stopped to watch him work.

Trusses he explained are an important component to structures and used commonly in the construction of roofs for houses and other buildings.

“A flat roof will collapse if you put any weight of it,” Thomas explained.

He and his partner Adira Weston worked Friday at the structural engineering section of the school’s new STEM center, a classroom equipped to focus on teaching the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Thomas loves all things technology and engineering related. While he’s not yet sure what career path that will lead him to he was glad to have the new STEM center to work in.

“It’s hands-on building and learning,” he said.

Adira said she enjoys the structural engineering module and the different steps and options you have to reach a certain out. She finds it creative.

“I like the process and I’m excited to come here every day,” Adira said.

The students have been working in the STEM center since January and a grand opening ceremony was held Friday with school and Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce members to celebrate its opening.

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