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October Professional Development Offerings at NCCAT

NCCAT advances classroom instruction by sharing the latest in digital tools, skills and knowledge.

CULLOWHEE—Teachers will have several opportunities in October for programs with the North Carolina Center for Advancement of Teaching, a recognized national leader in professional development programming for teachers.

NCCAT's instructional programs reflect the broad range of unique professional development topics for public school teachers and other educators. Challenging formats, combined with professional learning communities, shape the NCCAT offerings. All programs incorporate relevant state standards. Seminar faculty model best practices for application to the 21st century classroom.

Among the offerings:

14712 • Differentiated Instruction for Secondary Teachers

October 8–11: Cullowhee

Differentiated instruction is one of those terms, like “rigor” or “fidelity,” that many people use but few understand. Grounded in the work of Carol Ann Tomlinson, who insists that all learning tasks should “respect the learner,” this program will provide guidance in how to adjust instruction so that all students are appropriately challenged and highly engaged. Participants are asked to bring a growth mindset and a steadfast belief that all students can learn. Teachers will develop lesson plans for their content using differentiated instruction strategies, learn how to incorporate differentiation techniques into whole class, small group, and individual instruction, and gain understanding of personalized learning.

14713 • Literacy Block: A Framework for Early Literacy Instruction

October 8–11: Cullowhee

Whether you are new to a 90-minute literacy block or have already begun to implement one in your classroom, this program is for you. Take a fresh look at best instructional practices  through the lens of the differentiated core instruction provided by an effective literacy block. Together, we will explore ways to effectively “build your block,” while strengthening student comprehension and increasing student engagement. Join our journey to create life-long learners one block at a time!

14721 • Citizen Science: Get Out of the Classroom and into Citizen Science

October 29–November 1: Cullowhee

Citizen science with The Science House is the perfect starting place for educators interested in integrating citizen science into curriculum. The merits of engaging in citizen science abound, benefiting both participants and researchers. There are hundreds of projects suitable for all ages, but we will focus on just a few that will provide educators meaningful ways to engage their students in real, authentic scientific research with actual scientists. When students engage in citizen science, they make observations, begin to formulate questions, experiment, analyze data, and ultimately construct deeper understanding about the natural world. You and your students can make contributions to science!


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Increasing teacher effectiveness is fundamental to improving public education. NCCAT provides teachers with new knowledge, skills, teaching methods, best practices and information to take back to their classrooms. For more information about NCCAT’s professional development programs, visit www.nccat.org or call 828-293-5202.

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