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Literacy for ESL Teachers Kindergarten program

2 Irvin Garrish Hwy, Ocracoke, NC 27960

Teachers from across North Carolina joined NCCAT for "Literacy for ESL Teachers Kindergarten" in Ocracoke. English Language Learners can often participate in writing activities, even when their speaking skills are limited. Elementary ESL teachers explored the five components of effective literacy instruction while collaborating with colleagues and a district ESL coach to learn how to help their pupils improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills based on reading science. 

Strategies in STEM: Engaging Students in Academic Discourse

276 NCCAT Drive, Cullowhee NC

Join us September 23 in Cullowhee for this program. Students in the 21st century classroom need multiple opportunities to interact with content and their peers in meaningful and impactful ways. By utilizing academic discourse strategies, educators become facilitators of the curriculum while students increase ownership of their own learning. This Focus Friday session will provide low-prep, easy to use strategies that educators can implement in any lesson to support positive student interactions.

Shifting the Paradigm: Student-Centered Instructional Coaching

The work of instructional coaching is a dynamic part of school communities. Supporting coaching cultures where students are at the center is an essential part of this work. Join NCCAT to embrace the components of student-centered coaching. Throughout the week, we will learn coaching moves that create opportunities for professional growth, putting student learning at the forefront.

NCCAT presents BTOY award at Orange County Meeting

NCCAT was honored to be at the Orange County Schools Board of Education meeting for the presentation of the NCCAT Prudential NC Beginning Teacher of the Year Award to Xavier Adams. NCCAT Executive Director Dr. M. Brock Womble and Deputy Executive Director Dr. Karen Sumner presented the award at the meeting. Student Ethan Horton talked about the positive impact Mr. Adams has on students. More on the award

Coming to NCCAT - Creating Math Communities And Connecting Learners

Now more than ever, students need classroom cultures that value their strengths. Join this seminar to learn strategies that build cultures of active care and engage students in mathematical thinking. We will reflect on our current classroom structures and learn new avenues to empower math learners. Sessions will focus on building mathematical identities, engaging students in learning, and authentic problem-solving. Time will be included for teachers to reinvent their syllabus for the upcoming school year. This session is intended for math teachers in grades 4-9.

Say "Hello Summer" with professional development

2 Irving Garrish Hwy, Ocracoke, NC 27960

Summer registration is open at The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, a recognized national leader in professional development. Join us at Ocracoke or Cullowhee!

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