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Teaching the Holocaust: Resources and Reflections (Washington, D.C.) with NCCAT


Teaching the Holocaust: Resources and Reflections (Washington, D.C.)

November 12 - 17, 2023

NCCAT Application for Teaching the Holocaust, Washington D.C

200-word essay required for placement (Click link below for more info). Designed for educators teaching students in 6th through 12th grade. (For current NC Public School teachers only)

The aim of this program is to gain an understanding of the precursors, events, and consequences of the Holocaust and to grapple with the problem of how best to convey this history and the meaning that it can have in the lives and civic practices of our students. To accomplish this goal, we will explore the exhibits and other resources of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. Participants will meet our bus at predetermined locations across the state and then journey together to Washington, D.C for this intensive week. Under the guidance of museum staff and teacher fellows, we will study in the museum which has earned an international reputation for the quality of its contents, presentations, architecture, and technology. This program is for educators involved or interested in teaching about the Holocaust to students eleven years of age and older.

(Two participants to a room. Participants must be physically able to walk up to 1 mile over level ground, stand for extended periods, and ride for up to 8 hours on an excursion bus without detriment to their health.)

Five days of substitute teacher costs are covered as well as double occupancy hotel room and state per-diem for meals. Applicants must exhibit a seriousness of interest in the subject matter as expressed in an essay that is reviewed by NCCAT staff as a part of the application process. The essay question is at the end of the application.…